Education and Training

Education Program

General Radiobiology

A three-credit course designed to meet the requirements for radiation oncology resident training, CAMPEP certification for Medical Physics, and UTSW graduate and post-doctoral training. The course covers elementary radiation physics of ionizing radiation, mutation and hereditary effects, risk for carcinogenesis, radiation sensitivity syndromes, DNA repair, cell cycle effects, normal tissue responses, tumor biology, cell death mechanisms after radiation, multi-dimensional biological models, omics analysis of radiation response, and radiation regulation of immune and inflammatory responses.

Charged Particle Radiobiology

A one-credit course focused on the novel physics and biology associated with exposure to charged particles, either in the environment or as a therapeutic modality. The course covers radiation physics specific to charged particle interactions with biological matter, the novel biology of charged particle exposure for radiotherapy or in deep space, and the risk for astronaut health and safety.

Education in Research Writing

The Division of Molecular Radiation Biology is committed to improving the writing skills of investigators and trainees to increase research productivity. Editorial support and writing education are offered by Department editors Damiana Chiavolini, Ph.D., and Jonathan Feinberg, Ph.D., for faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and trainees to help them publish their research findings and obtain grant funding. Courses and workshops on scientific manuscript and grant writing are offered on a regular basis and cover a range of topics, including grantsmanship, text organization, word usage, and identifying writing mistakes.