About the Psychology Division

Psychology Division Focus

Having a Psychology Division situated within a major medical school setting affords many opportunities for psychologists to make important contributions to healthcare, education, and research. The Division of Psychology is primarily comprised of clinical psychologists with expertise in various specialty areas. Most faculty members are involved in clinical, educational, and research efforts, often in multidisciplinary settings.

Psychology Division Leadership

The Division Chief is C. Munro Cullum, Ph.D., who has an extensive clinical and research background in cognitive disorders and neuropsychology. Five faculty members have achieved ABPP diplomate status, five are fellows of the American Psychological Association (APA), and a number have leadership positions in local and national professional organizations.

Involvement in Education and Training

An important part of the Division of Psychology is our training program in Clinical Psychology. This includes a Ph.D. program and a clinical internship, both of which are approved by the APA. The program is based upon a clinician-researcher model that is designed to train students broadly in clinical psychology and to help prepare them for postdoctoral work, professional licensure, and careers in a variety of settings.