Director’s Message

Dear Future Fellow:

We are delighted in your interest in our Pediatric Pulmonology Fellowship Program at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas.

As Program Director, I want to personally welcome you and encourage you to contact us with questions that are not answered in this letter.

The Division of Pediatric Respiratory Medicine includes these faculty members:

Why Choose Pediatric Pulmonology as a Subspecialty?

Thomas Keens, M.D., a director of another pediatric pulmonology fellowship training program, enthusiastically answers this question as follows, and I wholeheartedly agree:

“Pediatric Pulmonology is the ultimate subspecialty, because it is intellectually exciting, has a variety of practice options, permits accommodation to desired lifestyle, and has ample employment opportunities in both academic and private practice settings.”

Our mission in this Fellowship Program is to prepare postgraduate pediatricians to be experts in pulmonary medicine through a combination of educational activities, competencies, and assessment methods, including patient care, guided reading, and discussion with regards to organization, business planning, and management of the pediatric pulmonary service, and research methodology.

We invite you to apply to our Pediatric Pulmonary Fellowship Program at UT Southwestern. Come join us at one of the country’s best medical schools that includes six Nobel Laureates – more than any other medical school in the world – and Children’s Health℠ Children's Medical Center Dallas, one of the nation’s top pediatric hospitals.

Tanya Martinez Fernandez, M.D.
Pediatric Pulmonology Fellowship Program Director
Division of Pediatric Respiratory Medicine