Dr. Hung Luu, Associate Professor of Pathology, was invited to contribute to CAP Today on LOINC codes.

Dr Hung Luu

The IVD Industry Connectivity Consortium, a global, nonprofit organization composed of clinical laboratories, laboratory IT vendors, and IVD instrument manufacturers, working in collaboration with the FDA, has developed an industry format for publication of LOINC codes for identification of vendor IVD results, known as LOINC to IVD (LIVD). LIVD matches vendor-defined IVD tests with an associated set of predefined LOINC codes. The human-readable format ensures that laboratory personnel select the appropriate LOINC codes for the IVD tests used by their laboratory. It also allows laboratory information systems to automatically map the correct IVD vendor test result to a LOINC code.

Please visit the following link for full article:  https://captodayonline.com/standard-provides-labs-with-predefined-loinc-codes-for-ivd-tests/