Simulation and Training

Simulation lab

The Obstetrics and Gynecology simulation and training curriculum is a dynamic set of courses designed to develop and enhance the necessary skills critical to the success of future Ob/Gyn physicians.

Simulation provides a safe way for physicians to learn new procedures and practice application of knowledge and skills without risk of injury to patients. With work-hour restrictions and time in the OR becoming increasingly more expensive, there is a greater need for simulation training to help assure the best clinical outcomes for patients.

To excel in advancing the knowledge and skills of tomorrow’s physicians, we utilize a variety of simulation modalities to assess core competencies, teach proper techniques, and achieve and maintain proficiency in technical skills.

Most of the simulations are conducted in the Simulation Center.

Ob/Gyn residents at all levels of training participate in the simulation curriculum and graduate better equipped to perform complex procedures and to improve health care quality and safety in our ever-changing service-delivery system.

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