Comprised of faculty leaders in undergraduate and graduate medical education, the Division of Education and Faculty Development is dedicated to enhancing the multiple educational objectives of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Our mission is to lead the Department’s efforts to maximize our educational programs; ensure our continued compliance with LCME, ACGME, and AAGL regulations; and spearhead faculty development and wellness through education and mentorship.

Working Together

This organizational structure ties the undergraduate and graduate education missions into a cohesive entity by linking the Divisional Fellowship Programs (which remain under their respective divisions) to the other graduate and undergraduate programs which report to the Chief of Education and Faculty Development.

The Division provides the strategic vision for the educational aspects of the Department and works to identify and implement opportunities to align across educational training and development. The Division also coordinates the promotions and tenure (P&T) process for the Department and serves as a “home” for faculty academic development and faculty wellness. Working with the Chair’s Office, the Division facilitates compiling all the promotion materials required for submission to the Dean.

Doctor heal thyself

Realizing that only through a commitment to personal health can physicians be effective teachers and healers, the Division leadership is at the forefront of developing a faculty wellness program for the Department that will emphasize physical, mental, and emotional health.