Research Studies

The Cognition and Memory Research Program is looking for partners in research to help our investigators learn more about memory loss. To volunteer, fill out the Join a Study form or contact the research coordinator for the study. Click on the study title for more details.


Neurobiology of Alzheimer’s Disease and Aging 
Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative 3 (ADNI 3) Protocol 
Late-onset Alzheimer’s Disease (LOAD) Study 
Dynamic Vasomotor Reactivity (DVR) in Alzheimer’s Disease 
Magnetoencephalography (MEG) Spectral Analysis as a Biomarker in Alzheimer’s Disease 
Relationship Between Neural Correlates of Episodic Memory, Age, and Memory Performance 
Role of Traumatic Brain Injury in Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias 
Identification of tau seeds in the cerebrospinal fluid of Alzheimer disease patients 


TRC-PAD Program: In-Clinic Trial-Ready Cohort (TRC-PAD) 
Care partner problem solving training (CP-PST) for care partners of adults with Alzheimer's and Alzheimer’s-related dementia. 


Anti-Amyloid Treatment in Asymptomatic Alzheimer's Disease (A4 Study) 
A Study to Evaluate Safety and Tolerability of Aducanumab in Participants With Alzheimer's Disease Who Had Previously Participated in the Aducanumab Studies 221AD103, 221AD301, 221AD302 and 221AD205 (EMBARK Study)