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Dr. Shiloh uses magnetic field to treat infections on artificial joints


A short exposure to an alternating magnetic field might someday replace multiple surgeries and weeks of IV antibiotics as treatment for stubborn infections on artificial joints, new research suggests. Technology developed by Dr. Rajiv Chopra and Dr. David Greenberg uses this method to heat the surface of prosthetic metal joints and destroy bacterial biofilms. Their work appears in Scientific Reports.

Doctors find cancer survivors excluded from Clinical Trials


A quarter of newly diagnosed cancer patients 65 or older are survivors who had a prior cancer are often prevented from participating in clinical trials, researchers from UT Southwestern’s Simmons Cancer Center have found. This study builds on prior work on lung cancer done by Dr. Sandi Pruitt and Dr. David Gerber.

Dr. Kumbhani presents study in JAMA Cardiology


New research by UT Southwestern cardiologists counters long-held beliefs that hospitals performing greater numbers of heart valve surgeries have better outcomes.

The JAMA Cardiology study involving nearly 700 hospitals found little correlation between the number of several common heart valve procedures – aortic valve replacement and mitral valve replacement or repair – performed and mortality rates during the hospital stay.

Internal Medicine/Pediatrics clinical practice


When UT Southwestern Administrative Associate Monica Lara was pregnant and searching for a pediatrician for her daughter, Olivia, she didn’t have to look further than her very own internist, UTSW’s Dr. Jaclyn Albin, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Internal Medicine. Dr. Albin and Dr. Jason Newman, also Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, helped establish the Medical Center’s first combined Internal Medicine and Pediatrics (Med/Peds) clinical practice and residency program in 2016. Dr. Jennifer Walsh, Chief of the Division of Combined Internal Medicine and Pediatrics and founding Director of the Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Residency Program, leads the effort.

Dr. Hong recipient of the THR Clinical Scholar Award


Dr. Arthur Hong, Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine and Clinical Sciences at UT Southwestern Medical Center, has been selected as recipient of the Texas Health Resources Clinical Scholar Award for his research into how to improve the cost, quality, and delivery of health care.

Dr. Joshi studies NFL player's aortas


Former NFL players were more likely to have enlarged aortas, but further study is needed to determine whether that puts them at greater risk for life-threatening aneurysms, researchers found. “Whether that translates to the same risk for these former elite athletes as a dilated, or enlarged, aorta does for the general population is unclear,” said cardiologist Dr. Parag Joshi.

Dr. Hedayati studies depression in CKD patients


A clinical trial involving hundreds of participants has shown that one of the most frequently prescribed antidepressants may not benefit millions of patients who also have chronic kidney disease (CKD). “These results provide evidence that could change clinical practice,” said Dr. Susan Hedayati, and first author of the study, which was published online today in JAMA.

Dr. Chong is named Dedman Scholar


Dr. Perlie Chong is one of two UT Southwestern’s 2017 Dedman Family Scholars in Clinical Care knew they wanted to be doctors from an early age – one was inspired by her grandmother and the other by a high school internship.

Dr. Babb studies fitness in obese children


A study underway at the Institute for Exercise and Environmental Medicine is investigating the respiratory effects of obesity in children, including obese children who may be misdiagnosed with asthma.

There has been little research into how obesity affects a child’s lung function and ability to exercise, said Dr. Tony Babb.

2017 Regents' Award winners in Internal Medicine


Six faculty members at UT Southwestern have been recognized by the UT System Board of Regents for their exceptional teaching skills and innovation in the classroom and the laboratory. Dr. Craig Rubin and Dr. Elizabeth Brickner are two of six faculty honored with the award in 2017.