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John S. Miller, M.D. Award Recipients

The John S. Miller Award is given in memory of Dr. John Miller who completed his residency at UT Southwestern/Parkland Hospital in 1977 and was doing a pulmonary fellowship here when he was tragically murdered on June 14, 1978. The Miller Award is given to the senior resident of each graduating class who epitomizes the whole physician, not only with regard to clinical knowledge and skill but also humanistic and professional attributes. This reflects the qualities attributed to Dr. Miller—beloved by everyone, always smiling, always willing to help, and always doing more than his share.

1980 Bryce Purdy, M.D. 2005 Badih (Joe) ElMunzer, M.D.
1981 John Hughes, M.D. 2006 Alex Balekian, M.D.
1982 Vern Kerchberger, M.D. 2007 Jeffrey Lilly, M.D.
1983 William Pitcher, M.D. 2008 Paula Noe, M.D.
1984 Craig Deligdish, M.D. 2009 Leslie Cler, M.D.
1985 Christie Ballantyne, M.D. 2010 James Fox, M.D.
1986 Mark Till, M.D. 2011 Matt Pattillo, M.D.
1987 Christopher Carpenter, M.D. 2012 Kevin Davidson, M.D.
1988 Donald Westerhausen, M.D. 2013 Marcus Urey, M.D.
1989 Nina Radford (Butwell), M.D. 2014 Anoop Sheshadri, M.D.
1990 Timothy Ritter, M.D. 2015 Blair Budden, M.D.
1991 Carlos Girod, M.D. 2016 Padmaja Reddy, M.D.
1992 Anthony Magalski, M.D. 2017 Maddie Kubiliun, M.D.
1993 Robert Foster, M.D. 2018 Sarah Cossich, M.D.
1994 Carmela Morales, M.D. 2019 Jessica Barnes, M.D.
1995 Richard Seidel, M.D. 2020 Joseph Vento, M.D.
1996 Steven Leach, M.D.    
1997 Ariel Zisman, M.D.    
1998 Ezra Burstein, M.D.    
1999 M. Elizabeth Paulk, M.D.    
2000 Ramsey Hachem, M.D.    
2001 Alan Pao, M.D.    
2002 Jeffrey Infante, M.D.    
2003 Derek Holland, M.D.    
2004 Arati Desai, M.D.