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What Our Residents Are Up To

With UTSW’s 4+1 Firm System, housestaff have many opportunities to relax and participate in activities outside of work. If you have a day or weekend to spend in Dallas, this is what some of our residents would do.

Bruno Alvarez Concejo (PGY-03)

Two recent examples, one past and one future might give you a little glimpse of what we are up to here at UTSW. A few days back, I was coming off an overnight call in the MICU, got home, got a few hours of sleep and was up by noon. I met up with some friends and went to Lockhart in Bishop Arts, one of the best places to get brisket or ribs around here (say this, and it will immediately spark an intense debate whether Pecan Lodge might be better, I’d say just go to both). After that, we went to satisfy the post-call sweet tooth at Emporium Pies, got some much-needed coffee too, and walked around to clear the mind. We finished up the day going to the movies at Alamo Drafthouse, a dine-in theater with delicious gummy bears. What's coming up in a week is a trip to Oklahoma during our Golden Weekend. We'll go to Broken Bow, just short of 3 hours away. We'll spend some time in nature, clear our heads from everyday routines, and freshen up for our next rotation!

Christiana Beveridge (PGY-02)

On my days off, I try to spend as much time outdoors as I can (unless it’s August... I promise the heat gets better!). I enjoy running around White Rock Lake and we’ve also discovered hikes less than 30 minutes from the hospital at Cedar Ridge Preserve and Grapevine Lake (if you have a dog that likes to swim - this is the place to go!).

I have a young daughter, so most nights you’ll find us on a walk in our neighborhood and cooking in or going to an early dinner at a loud restaurant that doesn’t mind vocal kids. Or Grace will come join our firm at happy hour during clinic week or a co-resident’s birthday party. She always seems to be invited!

On our nights out, we love going to concerts - a few of our favorite venues are Granada Theater, Kessler Theater, and the Bomb Factory, but we’re still exploring!

Karen Flores Rosario (PGY-03)

My ideal day off would start with brunch. Some of my favorite places are Meddlesome Moth, Mudhen, Nazca Kitchen and Oddfellows. I like Mudhen since it is right next to the farmers market and Oddfellows is in Bishop Arts (so then I like to spend the afternoon browsing local shops). Then, I would take my dog on a walk to Reverchon Park. If I needed to get work done and sip good coffee, Sip Stir Coffee in Uptown is my favorite since it has great seating and ambiance. Once the sun is down, I enjoy jogging on the Katy Trail or around Highland Park. At night, there are so many places in Dallas to eat that I love checking out new places each time with my co-residents. Some of my favorites are Sasa Sushi, Gloria's, and Meso Maya. At night, depending on the day and the mood, I like Deep Ellum because there are many options that are walking distance from each other. Some of my favorite places are Armoury, Piano Bar, and I recently discovered Salsera (great if you are interested in some latin dancing!)

Colin Washington (PGY-03)

My favorite day begins with an early morning walk (but only if its spring or fall) on Katy Trail or around White Rock Lake. After this, I would go with some friends to brunch (my current favorites being State and Allen or Breadwinners.) From here, we would go watch some college football at one of the many rooftop or outdoor bars if the weather is nice. Once football is over we would get dinner in Deep Ellum and try to catch some live music to round out the night.