Educational Goals

Our mission is to provide a rich training experience to support each individual resident’s unique career path, equipping them to join the next generation of outstanding Med/Peds physicians, scholars, advocates, educators, and leaders. The educational goals to support this mission are:

  • Provide a comprehensive, well-integrated training experience in internal medicine and pediatrics.
  • Prepare graduates to provide expert care for even the most medically complex patients throughout the lifespan, through careers in primary care, hospital medicine, or further combined or categorical subspecialty fellowship training.
  • Provide the opportunity for residents to serve as the primary care physician for a panel of diverse patients in a combined Med/Peds Continuity Clinic.
  • Develop both effective teaching and lifelong learning skills.
  • Provide mentoring and role modeling for Med/Peds residents through Med/Peds faculty development.
  • Foster interprofessional teamwork and effective communication with patients, families, colleagues, and community members.
  • Promote professionalism, including high standards of integrity, responsibility, accountability, trustworthiness, and ethical behavior.
  • Foster compassionate delivery of health care to diverse populations in ambulatory, hospital, urgent care, intensive care, and extended care environments.
  • Engage in patient and community advocacy initiatives and provide opportunities to care for underserved populations locally and around the globe.
  • Cultivate an atmosphere of scholarly inquiry, encouraging critical thinking, evidence-based practice, and engagement in research and quality improvement initiatives.
  • Encourage a collegial environment supportive of individual resident learning needs and goals.