Lipodystrophy Research Support

NIH: Genetic and Metabolic Basis of Familial Lipodystrophies

Abhimanyu Garg, M.D., and his colleagues have received NIH support since 1998 to pursue studies to find novel lipodystrophy genes and their role in human biology.

NIH: Novel Therapies for Metabolic Complications in Patients with Lipodystrophies

Since 2007, this grant has supported our studies on the role of leptin therapy and diet therapy in patients with lipodystrophy.

FDA: Phase II Study of Cholic Acid for Hepatic Steatosis in Lipodystrophy Patients

This grant helps us to study the safety and efficacy of cholic acid for reducing hepatic steatosis in patients with lipodystrophy.

Amylin Pharmaceuticals

This grant supports studies of safety and efficacy of leptin replacement therapy in patients with lipodystrophy.

Southwestern Medical Foundation

This Foundation supports our studies through the Center for Human Nutrition.

Southwest Airlines

We are grateful to Southwest Airlines for providing free air travel to patients from their hometowns within the United States to Dallas for evaluation and treatment at our Center. Patients who meet our qualifications and cannot afford travel to our Center are eligible for this program.