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LEAD Participant, Dr. Wang presents at Virtual Sessions


The office of Faculty Diversity and Development recently hosted the 2021 Leadership Emerging in Academic Departments (LEAD) Program virtual sessions. Winnie Wang, M.D., presented her poster titled, "The Palliative Care Unit: A Tool to Help Close the Gap in Holistic, High Quality Care for the Seriously Ill".

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Abiola Fadayomi publishes blog article


Abby Fadayomi, M.S.N., APRN, recently had an article published in our UTSW MedBlog titled "Giant cell arteritis: When a headache might be something more." The article discibes recognition, diagnosis, and available treatments for the condition.

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Nutrition counseling curriculum for residents published in Mededportal!


Dr. Seema Jain (former UTSW faculty) recent acceptance of a "Nutrition Counseling Curriculum to Address Cardiovascular Risk Reduction for Internal Medicine Residents" by MedEdPORTAL. Introduction Primary care providers play a critical role in reducing patients' risk for cardiovascular disease, including providing dietary counseling. However, few physicians feel adequately trained to provide this counseling, and most internal medicine (IM) residencies do not offer nutrition education.

Time-Limited Trials for Serious Illness


Dr. Caitlin Siropaides recently had a "Fast-Fact" published in the Palliative Care Network of Wisconsin. The paper "Time-Limited Trials for Serious Illness" deals with patients, families, and clinicians who often struggle when deciding on potentially life-sustaining therapies and how physicians can talk to a patient about TLT.

Physicians face barriers to voting


Two new UT Southwestern studies published this week report some surprising findings: Only half of practicing physicians are registered to vote, and the most common obstacle faced by resident physicians is the lack of time to vote. The researchers say finding ways to increase voter participation among doctors is critical as the nation tackles health care issues. “There’s always been a minority of physicians involved as advocates or elected officials. Now, more people are becoming interested in getting involved in health policy. Voting is a fundamental way of being engaged,” says Arthur Hong, M.D., assistant professor of population and data sciences in the department of internal medicine and an author of both studies.

Vital Talk Case Study


In 2018, VitalTalk partnered with the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center to train 11 Faculty to teach serious illness communication courses using the VitalTalk method. VitalTalk Senior Faculty Caitlin Siropaides, D.O., has spearheaded the development, implementation, coordination and oversight of their program. Currently, Caitlin is leading sessions for both medical students and residents via Zoom, keeping the standard approach of faculty facilitated small group practice with simulated patients and immediate feedback. Read about the case study in a recent VitalTalk Newsletter.

Dr. Siropaides recent publication in Circulation


Congratulations to Dr. Caitlin Siropaides on a thought piece "Crucial Conversations with Patients in Era of COVID-19" she wrote with Cardiologists, Dr. Melanie Sulistio and Dr. Sharon Reimold for Circulation that had its preprint released. Excellent job on an important, timely topic.

Small acts of kindness during pandemic


In a time of anxiety and isolation, simple acts of kindness from medical workers are giving comfort and hope to patients and their families.

“I’m afraid it might feel a little bit dehumanizing,” said Dr. Elizabeth Paulk, an attending physician at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas. “So much of our interaction with patients is nonverbal, and I think a lot of the warmth and humanity of the interaction is lost when you can’t see someone’s smile or their face.”

Dr. Balis teams up with Dallas Mavericks against Nicotine


Congratulations to Dr. Balis and the rest of the UT Southwestern Smoking Cessation program team and the Dallas Mavericks on this “Team up Against Nicotine” campaign.

GIM faculty present at APDIM meeting


A few of our faculty presented and the 2019 Association of Program Directors in Internal Medicine (APDIM) meeting in Denver, CO. Dr. Caitlin Siropades' talk was titled "Adapting Curricula to Improve Resident Skills in Late Goals of Care Discussions" and Dr. Shivani Desai's talk was titled "Revitalizing M&M Conference in the Ambulatory Setting."