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News, Honors, and Awards

Parkland COVID hero of the week


Palliative Care faculty member, Dr. Padmaja Reddy was recently featured in the latest Parkland newsletter. Thanks for all of your hard work during the COVID epidemic.

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Dr. Siropaides recent publication in Circulation


Congratulations to Dr. Caitlin Siropaides on a thought piece "Crucial Conversations with Patients in Era of COVID-19" she wrote with Cardiologists, Dr. Melanie Sulistio and Dr. Sharon Reimold for Circulation that had its preprint released. Excellent job on an important, timely topic.

Mid-Career Education Mentorship Award


Congratulations to Dr. Rachel Bonnema for receiving the 2020 Society of General Internal Medicine Mid-Career Education Mentorship Award. The secret is out, and while it would have been more fun to her get this recognition in person, at our large annual national conference, this is well-deserved and an enormous professional honor. We are proud of her and thankful for all she does here at UT Southwestern.
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Small acts of kindness during pandemic


In a time of anxiety and isolation, simple acts of kindness from medical workers are giving comfort and hope to patients and their families.

“I’m afraid it might feel a little bit dehumanizing,” said Dr. Elizabeth Paulk, an attending physician at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas. “So much of our interaction with patients is nonverbal, and I think a lot of the warmth and humanity of the interaction is lost when you can’t see someone’s smile or their face.”

Optimizing Emergency Department Use for Adults Newly Diagnosed with Cancer


Arthur Hong, M.D., received a three-year grant from the American Cancer Society.  This grant will help fund research of adults newly diagnosed with cancer who often need urgent medical care, because they can get sick both from their cancer and from cancer treatment. This means many people with cancer visit an emergency department (ED). Prior research shows that at least half of these ED visits result in a hospital stay, even though many of these hospitalizations could be avoided. ED visits are time-consuming, disruptive, increase the risk of infections, and can be very expensive even for patients with insurance, adding to the financial burden of having cancer.

Dr. Hong will be interviewing Parkland Cancer patients to understand how they decide to come to the ED and if they would use the cancer urgent care clinic as an alternative, as well as interviewing Emergency physicians, cancer doctors and cancer nurses.

Dr. Balis teams up with Dallas Mavericks against Nicotine


Congratulations to Dr. Balis and the rest of the UT Southwestern Smoking Cessation program team and the Dallas Maveriks on this “Team up Against Nicotine” campaign.

GIM faculty represent in Innovation Tank


To promote innovation in care delivery, health education, and patient experience, the Clinical Compensation Committee created the Innovation Tank, a competition modeled after Shark Tank to encourage internal investment in faculty development as facilitators of change.

Congratulations to Drs. Bethany Agusala and John Clark for each receiving a $5,000 pilot project award as semi-finalists. Drs. Jaclyn Albin and Caitlin Siropaides were selected as finalists in the Department of Internal Medicine Innovation Tank competition, each receiving a $10,000 pilot project award.

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BUILD’s Third Cohort Awardee


BUILD 3.0 Awardee: Advancing Community Partnerships to Increase Food Access in Southern Dallas. This cohort was chosen from more than 130 applicants looking to join this growing effort to move resources, action, and attention upstream. Each awardee group consists of a community based organization that will lead the effort, a hospital, health system, or payer that will provide a match in funding and resources to BUILD’s support; and the local public health department. The team from UT Southwestern includes Dr. Michael Bowen, Assistant Professor in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and Population and Data Sciences;  Dr. Sandi Pruitt, Associate Professor in Population and Data Sciences; and Dr. Jaclyn Albin, Assistant Professor in Pediatrics and Internal Medicine. 

GIM faculty present at APDIM meeting


A few of our faculty presented and the 2019 Association of Program Directors in Internal Medicine (APDIM) meeting in Denver, CO. Dr. Caitlin Siropades' talk was titled "Adapting Curricula to Improve Resident Skills in Late Goals of Care Discussions" and Dr. Shivani Desai's talk was titled "Revitalizing M&M Conference in the Ambulatory Setting."


Dr. Abraham named member of Shine Academy


Congratulations to Dr. Reeni Abraham who has been selected as the newest UT Southwestern and General Internal Medicine member of The University of Texas Kenneth I. Shine, M.D. Academy of Health Science Education. This is a  statewide medical education honor society, so a very high bar.