Combined Program Conferences and Educational Opportunities

We enhance the development of skills necessary for the practice of cardiology, as well as successful academic careers, by offering a variety of didactic exercises at the divisional level. Some of the didactic clinical conferences we offer are:

  • Cardiology Clinical Conference (weekly)
  • Cardiology Grand Rounds (monthly)
  • EKG Conference (bi-weekly)
  • EP Journal Club/Research Conference (weekly)
  • Fellows Cath Lab Conference (weekly)
  • Fellows Didactic Lecture (bi-weekly)
  • Fellows Research Conference (weekly)
  • Fellows Case Conference (bi-weekly)
  • Heart Failure Transplantation Conference (bi-weekly)
  • Interventional Cardiology Conference (weekly)
  • Journal Club (weekly)
  • Noninvasive Imaging Conference (bi-weekly)
  • VA Combined Cardiology/Cardiothoracic Surgery Conference (weekly)