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Center for Autophagy Research – Faculty

Levine Lab Website 

The Levine Lab studies the molecular regulation of autophagy, and the roles of Beclin 1 and other autophagy proteins in diverse aspects of physiology and disease.

Haydn Ball, Ph.D.Lab

The Ball Protein Chemistry Technology Center provides advanced peptide synthesis, MALDI mass spectrometry, and Edman sequencing services, for a fee or through a collaborative arrangement.

Lynda B. Bennett,

Lynda Bennett, Ph.D.

Pharmacological Manipulation of Autophagy; The Role of Autophagic Machinery in Cancer; The Role of Autophagy in Host Defense Against Intracellular Pathogens

Xiaonan Dong, Ph.D. •

Xiaonan Dong, PhD

We study how autophagy is activated during viral infection (i.e. Virophagy) and how virophagy functions to restrict the replication of some viruses. We utilize an image-based genome-wide siRNA screen approach and genetic and biochemical approaches to identify and characterize host virophagy factors. Unraveling the molecular mechanisms of virology will enhance our understanding of the interplay between host and viruses, as well as potentially identify additional targets that can be used to therapeutically modulate autophagy in the treatment of viral diseases.

Michael Shiloh, M.D., Ph.D. • Research Lab •

Dr. Michael Shiloh

Tuberculosis mucosal and innate immunity