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Emergency Medical Services

The Division of Emergency Medical Services has been established to examine the best practices of prehospital care and to develop increased understanding of how to optimize the management of patients who present in the “out of hospital” environment. By its nature, EMS medicine is not “pre-arranged,” but rather represents the occasions when our citizens – who become our patients – reach out to us to provide treatment for those conditions that arise, most typically, emergently.

The EMS Division faculty and staff have been assembled through a variety of measures: by rigorous interviews, as outstanding residents who have stayed on as faculty, and as EMS fellows recruited from across the nation. Assisted by a superb staff, our Division represents evidence-based expertise in areas including:

  • Prehospital care
  • Research in critical areas of prehospital management such as cardiac arrest and trauma
  • Provider training and periodic re-training
  • Quality management
  • International coordination of the sharing of best practices
  • Active training and participation in tactical medicine environments

Training is at the heart of the activities of EMS – for faculty, residents, fellows, and EMS providers. Our Division provides comprehensive activities in all of these areas. The EMS Education section within our Division, led by Gilberto Salazar, M.D., is a region-wide provider of outstanding educational services to EMS agencies for timely, evidence-based instructional programs designed in part pursuant to needs made apparent through quality management activities. The activities of the section continue a multigenerational EMS educational effort by UT Southwestern.

Another principal area of education for the Division is the EMS Fellowship Program: a one-year program that prepares physicians, post-residency, to be EMS medical directors and to challenge the American Board of Emergency Medicine to become a board-certified EMS physician. Under the direction of Kathy Rinnert, M.D.,, this fellowship program is certified by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. Graduates from this historic fellowship have become leaders across the spectrum of the field from the local to international levels.

Our EMS Division is one of the pre-eminent prehospital research organizations in the world. As a founding member of the Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium of the National Institutes of Health, the Division has played a leading role in the study of both critically injured patients and cardiac arrest victims, advancing the science of prehospital critical care.

The principal focus of our EMS Division is one of service: to ensure quality care to our citizens through the advance of the science of prehospital medicine.