Community Training

Our division of Emergency Medical Services offers community training programming written by our EMS education faculty for the general public. These programs provide relevant and high-quality curriculum that utilizes evidence-based material and scientifically-backed research.

Campus Emergency Preparedness and Survival TrainingSM

Using cutting-edge virtual reality technology, our Campus EPASTSM concepts are an engaging, immersive, and realistic platform to reinforce skills and techniques for the modern learner. In addition, our EMS specialists use modern learning platforms like high-fidelity simulation and targeted, hands-on practice. Upon completion, the institution and/or its personnel will earn a renewable certification from UT Southwestern if specific requirements are met.

We offer various versions of this course to better educate and fit our community’s needs. Each version is customized to certify a facility and/or its personnel in preparedness disciplines deemed necessary for that type of institution. For example, the Campus EPASTSM Education Institution course involves training for employees in competencies such as active shooter mitigation and response, CPR, and bleeding control.

  • Campus EPASTSM Medical (for hospital personnel, emergency departments, clinics)
  • Campus EPASTSM Place of Worship
  • Campus EPASTSM Education Institution (high schools, higher learning)
  • Campus EPASTSM Corporate (business, office)