Translational Bioinformatics Initiative

Biomedical Informatics has launched its Translational Bioinformatics Initiative (TBI) as part of a campus-wide effort to significantly increase bioinformatics research at UT Southwestern Medical Center. This effort includes the formation of a new Department of Bioinformatics.

The TBI is building on the bioinformatics research programs of its existing faculty and recruiting bioinformatics researchers at all levels. We are establishing a research program focused on the development and application of innovative computational and analytic methods for transforming biological, genomic, and clinical data into improved approaches to health care. Particular areas of emphasis include:

  • Developing innovative methods for integrating and analyzing large, complex, and heterogeneous data sets, particularly biological and clinical data.
  • Developing and testing hypotheses in silico.

UTSW provides an exciting environment for translational bioinformatics. We have strong biological and clinical research programs, and a well-developed informatics system for providing access to clinical data for research purposes.