The Center for Human Nutrition organizes or supports two weekly conferences: Clinical Research (Wednesday noon) and Obesity Alliance (Taskforce for Obesity Research (Thursday noon). These conferences available to UT Southwestern faculty, the medical community, affiliated institutions, and the general public.

CE Symposium on "Clinical Nutrition Issues of Over-Nutrition"

The Clinical Nutrition Issues of Over-Nutrition Symposium is designed to discuss clinical nutrition issues of over-nutrition in adults and minors. It is open to members of the UT Southwestern community, the Dallas Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and Dallas community physicians, health professionals, nutrition students, graduate students, and others interested in nutrition. To attend, please email.

Clinical Research Conferences (Wednesdays)

Our Clinical Research Conferences are designed for clinical investigators in the fields of nutrition, metabolism, genetics, imaging, therapeutics, clinical trials, and community intervention as a forum for investigators to share their expertise in methodology and discovery. They afford an opportunity for investigators to become acquainted with each other's expertise and methods available to clinical researchers, by exploring the methods being used by various investigators and establish clinical research resources available in the various laboratories of investigators. These are also intended to foster collaboration and explore opportunities for collaborative grant applications and to provide a mentoring forum for clinicians and researchers interested in disease-oriented clinical research and clinical trials. The weekly forum is held at noon Wednesdays in Y6.224 on the sixth floor of the Cecil H. and Ida Green Science Building.

Obesity Alliance Lectures (Thursdays)

The UT Southwestern Obesity Alliance's weekly conferences on metabolism, nutrition, and obesity are held at noon Thursdays  in Y6.224. The conferences are sponsored by the Taskforce for Obesity Research (TORS).