MSTP Applications

Application to UT Southwestern's Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) requires completion of the American Medical College Application Service online application.

This application will permit you to submit essays describing your interest in the integrated M.D./Ph.D. program and is the only application form you must submit for the UT Southwestern MSTP. AMCAS will collect and forward additional supporting documents, including official transcripts and MCAT scores. (GREs are not required.)

Three or more letters of recommendation, including letters from all research mentors, should be sent to UT Southwestern MSTP via AMCAS Letters or other electronic submission service. Please ask references to comment specifically on the nature of your project(s) and your potential as a research scientist.

Under some circumstances, an applicant might want to be considered for both the UT Southwestern MSTP and the traditional M.D.-only programs. If you are such a student, in addition to the AMCAS, you must complete the application for Texas Medical and Dental Schools and then complete UT Southwestern Medical School's secondary application.

Please note that TMDSAS will not forward letters of recommendation to AMCAS or vice-versa; applicants applying to both the UT Southwestern MSTP and the traditional M.D.-only program should have letters sent to both services.