At UT Southwestern Medical Center, we offer a world-class medical education that’s based on a strong background in the basic sciences, early clinical experiences, and an unsurpassed program of hands-on clinical training at some of the nation's best hospitals.

Student looking at X-ray

Our curriculum will challenge and inspire you – and prepare you for the future of medicine, today. 

An education at UT Southwestern is not just classrooms and clinics. We also offer students:

World-Renowned Faculty

You'll be taught by an outstanding faculty comprised of nationally known educators, clinicians, and scientists, including:

  • Nobel Laureates
  • Members of the National Academy of Sciences
  • Members of the National Academy of Medicine (formerly the Institute of Medicine)

Well-Developed Support Services

You'll receive plenty of support throughout your education at UT Southwestern. We want our students to succeed – in the classroom, in the clinics, and in life.

In addition, various mental health outreach programs and other school-related activities help ensure students are achieving proper balance and wellness in their lives.