Student Profile

Paul Dutchak in lab
Paul Dutchak

Paul Dutchak
Pharmacological Sciences Program
Mentors: Steven Kliewer, Ph.D., and David Mangelsdorf, Ph.D.

A native of the small farming community of Humboldt, Saskatchewan, Canada, Paul Dutchak made his way to UT Southwestern after meeting Mark Lehrman, Ph.D., a scientist at UT Southwestern, at an American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) conference in Boston, Massachusetts. Dr. Lehrman’s enthusiasm for UT Southwestern led Paul to apply and be accepted to the Ph.D. program at UT Southwestern.

“After being accepted to the program, I was given the opportunity to join the outstanding joint lab of Drs. Steven Kliewer and David Mangelsdorf where I have developed my technical skills and refined my scientific creativity through their guidance,” Paul said. “Having two unique mentors has helped me learn the skills and perspective that are required for success in the enormously competitive scientific community. Their joint lab and UT Southwestern have provided an outstanding environment for virtually unlimited scientific development.”

The Integrative Biology Program has also given Paul the opportunity to present his research at poster sessions and seminars, where he has had the chance to meet many students pursuing tangential research interests.

Paul began his pursuit of science at an early age, often getting into trouble for taking apart his parents’ radios, barometers, and many other electronic devices. Paul was motivated to enroll in the College of Arts & Science at the University of Saskatchewan by his twin older brothers, who were accepted to the College of Dentistry and College of Medicine at the time. Not wanting to follow in their footsteps directly, he enrolled in the master’s program in the lab of William Roesler, Ph.D., at the University of Science after completing his B.Sc. 

“After realizing and accepting the hard fact that a limiting component of outstanding scientific progress is funding, I began to look at other research programs that were well funded for biomedical research,” Paul said.

It wasn’t long before he met Dr. Lehrman and made his way to UT Southwestern.