Pharmacological Sciences

The Pharmacological Sciences supplemental Ph.D. curriculum is integrated with a course of study within any of UT Southwestern Medical Center’s Ph.D. graduate programs. An interdisciplinary program, the Pharmacological Sciences emphasis focuses on:

  • Molecular, physiological, and theoretical mechanisms of drug action
  • Drug discovery
  • Other areas of therapeutic innovation

The goal of the Pharmacological Sciences specialty is to provide a solid foundation for students who plan to pursue careers in any of these areas in academia, medicine, or industry.

The supplemental Ph.D. curriculum is administered by the Cell and Molecular Regulation Graduate Program and the Department of Pharmacology, but graduate students in any program on campus are welcome to participate. The Pharmacological Sciences curriculum is competitive, with a limited number of positions available each year.


These required courses can fulfill course requirements of some, but not all, graduate programs:

  • Cellular Signaling: Molecular Mechanism to Disease (1.5 units)
  • Mechanisms of Drug Action (3 units)

Journal Club

Students are required to participate in a popular, weekly journal club led by faculty members from the Pharmacology Department. The Pharmacology Journal Club is an interactive class that permits students to present and discuss papers from various disciplines that have a connection to the pharmacological sciences.

This class will have up to 15 students, 11 of whom are on the Pharmacological Sciences Training Grant. The Pharmacology Journal Club is offered within the Biological Chemistry and Cell Regulation Programs and accepts additional participants as space allows.