Graduate & Medical Students

Cancer Biology Graduate Program

UT Southwestern’s Cancer Biology Graduate Program, a Ph.D.-granting program that crosses the Simmons Cancer Center’s many interdisciplinary bridges, includes over 60 faculty mentors and 35 trainees. Trainees receive education in grant-writing, advanced concepts in cancer biology, hallmarks of cancer, and cancer stem cells. Funding from Simmons Cancer Center, Cancer Biology NCI T32, Physician Scientist Oncology NCI T32, and the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas supports the trainees and additional undergraduate research fellows.

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  • Weekly WIPS

    Works in Progress Seminars (WIPS) are weekly presentations where Cancer Biology students and T32 postdocs, and CPRIT trainees discuss their research findings and receive feedback from faculty and other trainees. For more information, please Mardreana Reed Cancer Biology Program Coordinator 

  • Cancer Biology Retreat

    Simmons Cancer Center hosts an annual one-day retreat that offers Cancer Biology trainees the opportunity to learn about the types of scientific inquiry being conducted by Cancer Biology laboratories. With the goal of facilitating scientific exchange and interactions among members of all laboratories, the retreat includes talks by students and postdoctoral fellows, a poster session, and keynote lectures.

Oncology-Hematology Medical Society

Oncology-Hematology Medical Society (OHMS) seeks to cultivate medical student exposure and knowledge to oncology-hematology through clinically and research-oriented discussions by faculty and practicing physicians. OHMS coordinates shadowing opportunities for students in cancer outpatient clinics. Medical students are paired with oncology faculty mentors and participate in cancer research projects. Simmons Cancer Center provides supplemental funding for the seminar series, while also providing additional funds to support medical student travel to national clinical oncology symposia.