Population Research Team

The department manages a population research team that provides quantitative, qualitative, data analytics, and database buildup services, and Spanish language validation to faculty across campus.

Type of Research

  • Quantitative research
    • Subject recruitment and communication for quantitative studies,
    • Patient-reported data collection, and
    • Intervention delivery
  • Qualitative research
    • Subject recruitment and communication,
    • Data collection, and
    • Analysis of data for qualitative studies
  • Data analytics and Database buildup
    • Research design consultation and analyses,
    • EHR data extraction/curation,
    • Customized complete project management software development and database building for large longitudinal studies, and
    • “Big data” access and analysis.
  • Spanish Language Validation Resource (SLVR) – uses a systematic, evidence-based process to enhance the quality of study materials in Spanish. This is not simply language translation. The process includes comprehensive literacy level testing, forward and back translation, validation of translation, identification of problematic concepts and phrases, and cognitive testing with the target audience.

To find out more about the Population Research Team and the services provided, please contact the O'Donnell School of Public Health Administrative Manager, Lacy Matsler, M.B.A. via lacy.matsler@utsouthwestrn.edu.