Data and Technology

Biomedical Informatics (DBI) has both a research and an educational mission. Our research mission is focused on addressing research questions across the spectrum of biology and medicine through the development of novel computational methods that solve challenging problems in the collection, management, analysis, and interpretation of biomedical and clinical data.

We have active research projects in the basic, translational, and clinical sciences. Areas of method development include data mining, computational genomics and bioinformatics, knowledge representation and biomedical ontology, text mining, natural language processing, and predictive modeling.

In addition to leading their own independent research programs, DBI faculty members participate in and lead team-science research projects in close collaboration with experimental and clinical researchers throughout UT Southwestern Medical Center, the Department of Computer Science at the University of Texas at Dallas, and the Texas Advanced Computing Center at the University of Texas at Austin.

Our educational mission encompasses both teaching and graduate student mentoring through the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.