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Dallas Mayor Rawlings: Hope for Kidney Cancer Patients

Dallas Mayor Rawlings: Hope for kidney cancer patients

UT Southwestern Kidney Cancer Program, one of two programs recognized by the National Cancer Institute for research excellence, strives to find a cure.

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ASCO 2019

Advances in Sarcomatoid RCC

At the ASCO 2019 annual meeting, Dr. Brugarolas discusses sarcomatoid renal cell carcinoma, the current challenges, and the advances that are defining a new treatment paradigm.

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We Journey Together

We Journey Together

The collaborative, ground-breaking work of UT Southwestern investigators and multidisciplinary clinical teams is fueling breakthroughs in kidney cancer. Donor support plays a pivotal role in funding promising research that is leading to effective treatments and cures.

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Dr. B's Grand Rounds

Kidney Cancer Program: Striving For Excellence

Dr. James Brugarolas, M.D., Ph.D., presents an overview of the Kidney Cancer Program at UT Southwestern's Internal Medicine Grand Rounds on March 8, 2019.

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KCP Annual Event 2017

Why volunteers raise funds for UT Southwestern Kidney Cancer Program

Volunteers and Patient Advocates at the UT Southwestern Kidney Cancer Program have made it their personal mission to raise private funds for kidney cancer research.

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KCP Annual Event 2017

2017 Kidney Cancer Program Annual Event hosted hundreds

This year's annual event had over 200 guests and faculty in attendance. Guest speakers included the Director of Harold C. Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center, Dr. Carlos Arteaga and one of UTSW's Nobel Laureates, Dr. Bruce Beutler.

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Iris Hodge

Transforming immunotherapy with Nobel prize-winning research

How fundamental research and clinical trials at UT Southwestern Kidney Cancer Program are transforming patient lives.

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Whole Body MP MRI

Seven minute whole-body MRI finds more bone metastases

UT Southwestern radiologists and Kidney Cancer Program members develop new MRI that finds previously undetected bone metastases in cancer patients. See Joe Bird tell his story.

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Robert Tokarczyk

Stage IV kidney cancer patient finds hope at UT Southwestern after aggressive diagnosis

After being given a grim diagnosis of stage IV metastatic kidney cancer in early 2017, Robert Tokarczyk came to the UTSW Kidney Cancer Program where he found hope. Investigators at UTSW are continuing to develop clinical trials to help patients like Robert fight this disease.

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Patterson wedding

Despite the odds, Stage IV kidney cancer patient is now cancer free

After being given the diagnosis of stage IV kidney cancer in early 2013, Kevin Patterson was told he had a 10 percent chance of making it to a year. Now, five years later, Kevin is in remission.

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multiparametric MRI

State-of-the-art MRI technology bypasses need for biopsy

Using an algorithm and a state-of-the-art MRI technology, investigators at UT Southwestern have a four in five chance of identifying clear cell histology and accurately diagnosing small stage 1 kidney tumors.

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Darren Nolan

Australian native travels 9,000 miles to UT Southwestern Kidney Cancer Program

After being diagnosed with metastatic kidney cancer at the beginning of 2018, Darren Nolan went on a global search to find the best options.

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Valerie Smith

CrossFitter tackles stage IV kidney cancer

CrossFitter Valerie Smith discusses her experience in a clinical trial combining immunotherapy (interleukin-2) and radiation to combat stage IV kidney cancer.

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Larry Carlson

Stage IV kidney cancer patient sees success with RADVAX trial

After living with stage IV ccRCC for the past three years, Larry Carlson shares his journey on a new immunotherapy clinical trial.

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Erin Ungeheier

Tee Off Fore Kidney Cancer

Drawing more than 100 golfers, patients, advocates, and friends, the first annual Kidney Cancer Coalition (KCC) Tee Off Fore Kidney Cancer golf tournament took place at the Cowboys Golf Club on November 17, 2017. The event raised over $27,000 to support the UT Southwestern Kidney Cancer Program.

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Harold Wellbaum

Stage IV kidney cancer patient miraculously comes back from hospice

After receiving two doses of an immunotherapy agent and stereotactic radiation, 73-year-old Harold Wellbaum saw remarkable improvements in his cancer and his strength. The concept is now being explored in a clinical trial at UT Southwestern.

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Lee Tobel and Dr. B

Kidney cancer patient’s battle guides researchers

Researchers unlock mystery of aggressive kidney cancer.

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Michael Stekoll

Single father faces new reality after stage IV kidney cancer diagnosis

53-year-old Michael Stekoll describes his struggles with cancer while raising his two young daughters.

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Stoney Burks

Retired police officer shares his journey with stage IV kidney cancer

How skilled surgery, expert radiation, and a great team kept Stoney Burks from losing his ability to walk.

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iSAbR: Enhancing immunotherapy with stereotactic radiation

Boosting the immune system’s attack on kidney cancer with radiotherapy.

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Advanced surgery

State-of-the-art surgery for kidney cancer

Urological surgeons at UTSW Kidney Cancer Program, one of only two programs recognized by the NCI with a Specialized Program of Research Excellence (SPORE) award, discuss advanced surgery options for kidney cancer.

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Tiffany Edmonds

Definitive radiation treatment for kidney cancer and metastases

UT Southwestern Kidney Cancer Program pioneers new stereotactic radiation approaches for kidney cancer metastases and tumor thrombus.

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Brenda Stinson

Safely delaying surgery for kidney cancer

How doctors in the UT Southwestern Kidney Cancer Program are helping patients live safely without surgery.

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Richard and his daughters

Being proactive with clinical trials

How a clinical trial and cutting-edge research helped Richard survive stage IV kidney cancer.

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Filling the void

Fighting stage IV kidney cancer together.

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Elizabeth Martinez

Engaging the immune system

An innovative clinical trial using radiation to enhance the efficacy of immunotherapy.

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UT Southwestern Kidney Cancer Program patient Mel Moffitt describes how he was diagnosed with lung cancer while being treated for kidney cancer

Lung cancer diagnosis while being treated for kidney cancer

Mel describes his diagnosis of lung cancer while being treated for kidney cancer. Lung cancer is often missed and may be found in as many as 6 percent of patients with kidney cancer.

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Dr. Brugarolas speaks to the President's Research Council

President's Research Council presentation

James Brugarolas, M.D., Ph.D., discusses the Kidney Cancer Research Program with UT Southwestern's President’s Research Council.

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Fighting Cancer with My Team video still

Not alone – fighting cancer with my team

Dealing with kidney cancer takes a team of experts. According to educator Sam Swierc, being referred to UT Southwestern was "the best thing that ever happened in my life."

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Closer to a Cure for Kidney Cancer video still

Closer to a cure for kidney cancer

UT Southwestern Simmons Cancer Center partners with The V Foundation in the kidney cancer research program. 

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Tami Cooke's poem for her father video still

My cup of cancer

Tami Cooke's poem for her father.

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Jean's Story video still

How immunotherapy saved my life

Jean shares her experience of learning that her kidney cancer can be treated. 

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Tony's Story

How I learned to live with kidney cancer in both kidneys

Patient Tony Towler talks about his experience undertaking drug treatment for kidney cancer to avoid surgery and dialysis. 

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Roy's Story video still

How I found out I had kidney cancer and my experience with partial nephrectomy

Roy's story of how he accidentally found out he had kidney cancer, and how he is cancer-free after partial nephrectomy.

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Mike's Story video still

All-clear after minimally invasive ablation of my kidney cancer

Mike's experience with radiofrequency ablation for recurrent kidney cancer.

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A Volunteer's Story video still

How meeting other patients with stage IV kidney cancer transformed my journey

Patient advocate Tony Towler and Merlinda discuss an encounter through their cancer journey and volunteer program.

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KCP Annual Event 2015

KCP Annual Event 2015

Kidney Cancer Program Annual Event on August 1, 2015.

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Kidney Cancer Program Inauguration Event 2013 video still

KCP Inaugural Event 2013

Kidney Cancer Program inaugural event

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings introduces a comprehensive program for kidney cancer patients at UT Southwestern Harold C. Simmons Cancer Center. – December 8, 2013.

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