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Phase V – Bibliography

[Phase V - A]
A. Iannacchione V.G., Dever J.A., Bann C.M., Considine K.A., Creel D., Carson C.P., Best H., Haley R.W. Validation of a research case definition of Gulf War Illness in the 1991 US military population. Neuroepidemiology 2011;37: 129-140. doi: 10.1159/000331478.

[Phase V - B]
B. Haley R.W., Charuvastra E., Shell W.E., Buhner D.M., Marshall W.W., Biggs M.M., Hopkins S., Wolfe G.I., Vernino S. Cholinergic autonomic dysfunction in veterans with Gulf War illness: Confirmation in a population-based sampleJAMA Neurology 2013;70(2):191-200

[Phase V - D]
D. 2. Gopinath K., Vaidya S., Ganji S., Cheshkov S., Briggs R., Haley R. White matter damage in Gulf War Illness patients: A quantitative MRI relaxometry study. Abstract 3634, 20th ISMRM, Melbourne, Australia, May 5-11, 2012.

D. 2.Cheshkov S, Chang A, Baek H-M, Spence J, Ganji S, Babcock E, Briggs R, Haley R. Basal ganglia NAA/Cr ratio and T2 differences in a population-representative sample of veterans with Gulf War Illness. Abstract 2222_2145, 19th ISMRM, Montreal, Canada, May 7-13, 2011.