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Journal Club

Physicians in white coats sit at a table taking notes

The UT Southwestern Emergency Medicine (EM) Residency program  Journal  Club was established to discuss published foundational topics in EM and EM-relevant clinical research.  The goal  ​of the club  is to strengthen EM core knowledge, promote awareness of active research,  learn  to critically review research articles, and to identify potential practice-changing research. We aim to encourage evidence-based practice in order to enhance patient care.

Journal Club is a critical review of articles pertinent to emergency medicine. These meetings are informal and held at a local restaurant or a faculty member’s home.  Journal Club occurs the evening before our monthly Grand Rounds; our Grand Rounds speaker is the guest faculty speaker at Journal Club. This gives residents and faculty a great opportunity to spend an evening in a more social setting with well-recognized figures in emergency medicine.

Upcoming Meetings

Journal club is the Wednesday before Grand Rounds, which is the third Thursday of the month. Due to COVID-19, all Journal Club meetings will be held via web conference until  further  notice.

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Finance Club

A printed budget with a pen on top of it and a calculator

The Finance Club aims to build literacy in personal finance for resident physicians to prepare them for success in their future careers.

We generally have a couple of podcast episodes or financial blog posts that are sent out before the meeting to introduce our residents to the topic being covered. During the session we have an open discussion between residents and faculty to provide different insight and opinions around the personal finance topics that include:

  • Budgeting and emergency savings
  • Retirement funds, allocations (stocks, bonds, funds), and goals
  • Life insurance, disability insurance, life planning
  • Real estate – home ownership and investing
  • Tax strategies for W2 and 1099 earners

We also crowdsource questions directly from residents to keep the sessions engaging. Sessions last one hour each.

Upcoming Meetings

Due to COVID-19, all Finance Club meetings will be held via web conference until  further  notice.

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Podcast Club

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Initially instituted as a more clinically-oriented complement to Journal Club, Podcast Club at UTSW has evolved into a lively discussion between faculty and residents on the merits of the information and tips presented in the most widely distributed EM podcasts.

While slightly less formal in tone and structure than a traditional Journal Club, residents, students, and faculty alike find this to be a fun and informative monthly session which offers frequent practice-changing takeaways.

Podcast Club is the fourth Wednesday of the month. Due to COVID-19, all Podcast Club meetings will be held via web conference until  further  notice.

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