Message from the Chief

Gilberto Salazar, M.D.

Gilberto Salazar, M.D.

Section Chief, EMT/Paramedic Continuing Education

Emergency Medical Services is an integral part of the practice of emergency medicine.

The women and men who care for patients in the field are indeed clinicians. I firmly believe that the term that should be used is EMS clinician, not EMS provider. With that said, EMS clinicians deserve the full benefits of outstanding medical education.

Our Value

Our EMT/Paramedic Continuing Education section stands by the belief that outstanding patient care begins with a commitment to an excellent initial foundation, followed by a robust and meaningful continuing education program.

Adhering to external regulatory requirements is just a starting point. Modern EMS clinicians, and the communities they serve, require a quality education beyond the simple memorization of signs and symptoms – then matching the findings to a memorized treatment plan. An expanded knowledge base will allow a clinician to provide the very best care for patients.

Our Product

We offer high quality, innovative education designed for the modern EMS clinician. Our progressive curriculum and delivery platforms are designed to surpass expectations. I hope you will allow us to participate in your search for a remarkable EMS education.