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Chair’s Message

Samuel Achilefu, Ph.D.

Samuel Achilefu, Ph.D.

Inaugural Chair of the UTSW Department of Biomedical Engineering, effective February 2022

Holder of the Lyda Hill Distinguished University Chair in Biomedical Engineering

Graduate School:
University of Nancy in France

Postdoctoral Training:
Oxford University in England

Welcome to the Department of Biomedical Engineering at UT Southwestern, where creativity and innovative problem-solving initiatives are cherished. We live in a new era of technological revolution grounded on solid engineering principles, requiring that we embrace the concept of empowering health and science through technological innovations. We can accomplish this goal by transforming ideas into technology-driven clinical and biological solutions to improve health and understanding.

My primary job as Chair is to create an exciting and collaborative environment for researchers, teachers, and trainees. This will enable us to educate the next generation of creative biomedical engineers, conduct and coordinate innovative and transformative research, and catalyze clinical and commercial translation of research discoveries and products.

The setting of our BME Department in a medical center renowned for its patient care, paradigm-shifting biological sciences, and state-of-the-art research centers and core facilities provides a unique opportunity for biomedical engineers and physical scientists to work closely with clinicians and biological scientists and develop multidisciplinary teams to solve pressing challenges in medicine and biology. We encourage students to participate in experiential learning as a way of providing insight into clinical challenges. This approach is designed to stimulate students’ engagement in the early stages of their training and serve as the engine for developing innovative engineering solutions to clinical problems.

Finally, I believe that science, engineering, and medicine thrive when people of diverse races, cultures, and representations participate in every level of the academic endeavor and leadership. Accordingly, our Department invites you to help us make this world a better place for all through your engineering, medical, and scientific prowess. I am fully committed to ensuring that everyone is treated fairly and equitably.

I look forward to working with you.