Bioinformatics Nanocourses Spring 2017

Nanocourses that will be offered in 2017 include: 

  • Introduction to R for Novice Users
  • Genome Wide Association Studies
  • Introduction to R for New Users
  • Computational Image Analysis
  • Accelerated GPU Computing

For course descriptions and registration portal please visit the BICF Nanocourses page

Why we offer nanocourses

Advances in biomedical technologies necessitate data-intensive assays and sophisticated computational infrastructure for data storage, processing, presentation and interpretation. Progress in disease diagnoses and treatments now depend on correlative analyses of multi-modal data. The Bioinformatics Core Facility’s mission is to raise awareness and competence in data analysis issues. The Bioinformatics Nanocourse Series helps to fulfill this mission.

The basic nanocourse format was introduced by Bentley and Stanford at Harvard Medical School as a format that is “…well suited for: rapid course development; educating those with limited time to devote to formal classroom experiences; and enhancing the existing curriculum with integrative, supplemental, or novel course topics.” We have adapted their model to the bioinformatics and UTSW contexts. Topics will be chosen each year as a reflection of BICF client needs, new or trending topics in the field, and feedback from across campus.

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Who should attend

The nanocourse series is open to all students, postdocs, research assistants, faculty and other personnel at UT Southwestern. We will also consider registrations from individuals at other institutions on a limited basis. Academic credit is available to students and postdoctoral fellows through the Graduate School.

How to register

Please visit the BICF Nanocourses page for more information about upcoming nanocourses. To be added to our email notification list, please contact Rebekah Craig.