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Child Care

I need to return to campus, but I do not have child care. Are there options available?
Please visit our child care resources webpage to learn about available resources and leave options related to child care.

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Cleaning and Hygiene

How will the campus be cleaned?
Housekeeping will continue to provide enhanced-frequency cleaning of common areas, including increased disinfection of high-traffic zones and high-touch surfaces. Spaces are cleaned on the regular nightly schedule with products and procedures that are based on CDC guidelines to kill the COVID-19 virus. Before employees return to work, housekeeping will conduct a thorough cleaning of all entrances and common areas. Hand sanitizer stations will be located at all entrances and exits, as well as prominent places. To learn more about our cleaning processes, please visit the cleaning and hygiene webpage on our website.

What are considered high-touchpoints?
High-touchpoint spots and spaces include door push bars, push plates, and knobs; elevators, including cab rails and interior and exterior call buttons; light switch plates; drinking water fountains; stair handrails; and the campus shuttles.

Will there be enhanced cleaning in our department?
Departments will be responsible for cleaning their workspaces and all shared department spaces such as exam rooms, lab benches, breakrooms, and conference rooms. Please contact Procurement to request cleaning materials and disinfectants.

Where can I find a hand sanitizer station?
Hand sanitizer stations have been placed at the main entrances to campus buildings and in high-traffic public spaces, common spaces, and elevator landings. Supervisors should contact Procurement for additional hand sanitizer stations for their department.

Are we cleaning the HVAC systems on campus?
Yes, the HVAC systems in each building are monitored monthly and have a regular filter maintenance and replacement cycle. HVAC coils are also assessed monthly and pressure-washed and steam-cleaned on an annual basis. Drain pan tablets are placed inside drain pans to help eliminate any growth or bacteria buildup.

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Dining on Campus

Where can I eat on campus?
Common areas and food courts are being reopened, but offerings may be limited. Seating areas will be closed or rearranged to comply with social distancing recommendations. Please see the Cafeterias and Dining information on our website for additional information.

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Parking and Building Access

Where do I park?
All employee lots are open, and you should park in your designated area. Faculty and reserve parking regulations remain in place for all campus garages and you will be ticketed if you park in spaces reserved for visitors and patients.

How do I access my building?
You will need your badge to access any building on campus. If you don’t have the proper building accesses, please email Badge Access Control at and copy your immediate supervisor.

Can I take the elevators?
Yes, elevators are being regularly cleaned, and signage regarding COVID-protective measures – including masking and physical distancing recommendations – are at all landings.

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Returning To Campus

Will we open campus all at once?
The campus will open in phases based on COVID-19 disease information, infection rates, hospital capacity, availability of PPE, testing capacity, and effective interventions at each phase. It is possible that UTSW might have to return to an earlier phase as needed to keep patients and the campus community safe.

Who is to return to campus? Can anyone come back?
Employees who can perform their job responsibilities remotely should continue to do so during this time. Institutional and department leadership have submitted Return to Campus plans based on operational priorities and business needs. No employee should return to working on campus without approval of their supervisor.

Can I continue to work remotely? 
Yes, with supervisor approval, all employees who can work productively remotely should continue to do so. This will allow other employees to return to campus and perform work that cannot be done remotely. If you have questions, please speak with your direct supervisor.

I am considered “high-risk,” can I return to campus?
High-risk health care employees (those over age 65, in their third trimester of pregnancy, or with underlying health conditions) can voluntarily return to patient care by submitting a written request to their supervisor. If your essential job functions do not require direct patient contact, you are not considered a “high-risk health care employee” and you should speak with your supervisor.

I have been asked to return to campus, but I have concerns. Who can I speak with?
UT Southwestern is committed to protecting the safety and well-being of all employees and has taken the necessary precautions to ensure a safe return to campus. If you have specific questions regarding these precautions, please speak with your immediate supervisor, who can discuss what processes have been put in place.

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Screening and Masking

Do I have to have my temperature taken when I return to campus?
All employees must take their temperature at home and not come to work if they feel sick or have COVID-19 related  symptoms. We will continue temperature checks at the entrance to the hospital and clinical buildings and employees with a temperature over 100.0° F will be referred to Occupational Health.

Do I have to wear a mask while on campus?
A mask is required on campus for employees in all clinical and nonclinical areas. Employees in clinical areas will continue to be masked according to policy. Employees in nonclinical departments are encouraged to bring their own CDC-compliant cloth face coverings or masks from home and are responsible for washing their own masks on a regular basis. Please visit the masking policy webpage to learn more.

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Shuttle Services

Can I take the shuttle, and how will they practice social distancing?
Shuttles will be limited to 5 passengers at a time, and every other bench seat has been roped off. Passengers will be required to wear a face mask. Drivers will be masked at all times, and shuttles will be wiped down and seats and handrails disinfected every two hours.

Are we temperature screening shuttle drivers?
Yes, shuttle drivers are screened daily.

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Social and Physical Distancing

What are the recommendations for physical distancing?
Employees should follow a safe distancing practice of maintaining six feet of separation between individuals. Where possible, supervisors are working to ensure that the campus environment has been adjusted to foster safe distancing practices, including new seating options, limiting the total number of staff in the office, and rotating of shifts. If it is not possible to physically distance from others, please wear a mask.

Can we have in-person events and meetings on campus?
Whenever possible, all meetings should remain virtual. Any gatherings must be limited to five or fewer individuals while maintaining safe distancing of six feet and wearing a mask or cloth face covering.

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Can I travel?
Currently, there is no travel for UTSW-related work, and personal travel outside of Texas is discouraged. If you travel for personal reasons, you must contact Occupational Health prior to returning to campus. Please continue to monitor our Travel Policy on our website for updates.

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Valet Services

Will valet services resume?
Valet service has resumed normal operations at the Aston, Seay, and Outpatient buildings, as well as at Zale Lipshy, but remains free of charge. Self-parking will still be available at no cost and is recommended when possible.

What type of safety precautions will the valet attendants use?
To continue minimizing the spread of Covid-19, valet services will require valet attendants working at clinic or hospital locations to utilize hand sanitizer after every encounter and to wear a cloth face covering or level-one mask.

Are we temperature screening valet attendants?
Yes, valet attendants are screened daily.

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