COVID-19 Update: Information and resources can be found here.

Employee Health

COVID-19 Employee Illness Guidelines

If you’ve been exposed, the first step is to fill out Occupational Health’s Screening Form. Occupational Health will contact you with next steps.

For common scenarios, such as someone in your household tested positive or a friend tested positive, and next steps, please see Occupational Health’s Screening Guide.

If You Have Symptoms  
If You Don't Have Symptoms  
Returning to Work / Contact Occupational Health  


For hospital-based employees who are involved in direct COVID-19 patient care activities and are uncomfortable going home or need to self-quarantine or isolate, several nearby hotels (PDF) offer special rates through a contract with UT Southwestern.

Please note these rates are subject to applicable city, county, state, and federal taxes, and both rates and availability are subject to change without notification.

Employee Health FAQs

Last updated Aug. 5, 2020

What is the likelihood of contracting the virus from caring for a COVID patient? 
How long is a COVID-positive person considered to be infectious?  
What is the risk of contracting COVID-19 from touching items in a treatment or exam room? 
What factors make it difficult to recover from COVID-19?  
Do pregnant women have a heightened risk of becoming infected with COVID-19?  
What COVID-19 tests do we offer?  
How long after getting COVID-19 can a person still have positive results through PCR testing? 
What is the role of antibody testing?  
When can a COVID patient discontinue isolation precautions and return to work? 
If you had COVID-19 once, can you get it again?  
When should an employee contact Occupational Health? 
Who should self-quarantine and who should be tested?  
How long is the self-quarantine? 
Can I come to work if a family member or someone I live with is COVID-positive?  
How do you determine a high-risk exposure through contact tracing? 
How does Occupational Health protect an employee’s privacy?  

Counseling and Mental Health

Stress Management Hotline 
Employee Assistance Program  

Virtual Care Clinic for Employees and Your Families

The COVID-19 Virtual Care Clinic provides quick access to one of our expert clinicians for a COVID-19 screening. A virtual visit is likely scheduled for the same day.

Your family members:

  • Do not have to be current patients of UT Southwestern
  • Will provide their insurance to be billed, and our UT Southwestern staff will work with your insurance company if prequalification is needed.
What to Expect 
How to Request a Virtual Visit  
How to Refer a Patient