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Latest COVID-19 Case Count & Forecasting Model

Hospital COVID-19 Numbers

The total cases at Clements University Hospital on August 17.

The number of patients with COVID at CUH on August 17 is 23.

For additional numbers, see Texas Cases and Global Statistics.

UTSW Campus

The total cases on campus during the week of August 5–11.

The total cases on campus the week of August 5–11 is 228 with a cumulative total of 9322.

UTSW campus employee population is 19,000.

Forecasting Model

The following slides illustrate a model of how COVID-19 is spreading across the DFW region based on real patient data we have received from Dallas and Tarrant counties.

Updated August 17 with Data as of August 15–16

Forecast for the DFW Region

About the Forecasting Model