Bright Horizons Back-Up Care

UT Southwestern offers back-up child, adult, and senior care to all full-time (40 hours a week) and part time (30-39 hours a week) benefits-eligible employees through Bright Horizons.

The Back-Up Care Advantage Program provides low-cost care options whenever you experience a temporary breakdown in your normal care plans and need to be at work. Back-up care is provided for family members of all ages, from infants through elders, including adults and children with special needs.

Back-Up Care Options

  • Center-based child care
  • In-home well and mildly ill child care
  • In-home adult/elder care
  • Medical care is not provided.

Program Details

The Back-Up Care Advantage Program is offered to full-time, benefits-eligible UT Southwestern employees. Full-time benefit-eligible employees can use the program eight times per fiscal year (September–August). Part-time benefit-eligible employees can use the program four times per fiscal year. A use is any period of time in a day that back-up care is provided.

Back-up Care Costs

  • Center-based care for one child: $20/day
  • “Family care” center-based care (2–3 children): $35/day; counts as only one use for the employee.
  • In-home care (up to 3 people per caregiver, 4-hour minimum and 10-hour maximum per day. Counts as one benefit use.): $7 per hour