H-1B Visa Fees

Fees Paid by Sponsoring Department

Effective November 1, 2010, please request UT Southwestern Medical Center checks in the amounts shown below:

A separate check must be requested for each fee. As documentation for the CKR sent to Accounting, provide a copy of supervisor's letter, and print and attach the fee information form.

  • $460 processing fee payable to Department of Homeland Security
  • $500 Fraud Prevention and Detection fee (required for first H-1B visa petition for employment with UT Southwestern only) payable to Department of Homeland Security
  • $1,225 expedited processing fee, if desired. Payable to Department of Homeland Security. Expedited processing ensures that the USCIS will process the case in 15 working days.

NOTE: By regulation, we as the employer must document a required wage for each H-1B visa employee as part of the H-1B petition process. Payment of any of the above fees by the beneficiary of the H-1B visa petition is considered a deduction from wages and could result in failure to pay the required wage. Therefore, UT Southwestern policy requires that these fees always be paid by the sponsoring department.

Fee Paid by Beneficiary of the H-1B Visa Petition

  • $370 fee for spouse or children currently in the U.S. and applying for extension of H-4 dependent visa classification payable to Department of Homeland Security. This fee must be issued as a separate personal check, money order, or institutional check (if paid by sponsoring UT Southwestern department.)