Sun Yat-sen University and First Affiliated Hospital

In 2010 UT Southwestern Medical Center entered into an academic and scientific partnership with Sun Yat-sen University and its First Affiliated Hospital in Guangzhou, China.

Developed to promote joint scientific research, educational, and training activities, the partnership represents the first international institutional affiliation for UT Southwestern. It represented a first step to implement the global health initiative that is one of the Medical Center’s strategic priorities.  

Nine junior scholars from Sun Yat-sen University, supported by the Chinese institution, pursued postdoctoral research training at UT Southwestern. The partnership will soon expand to include exchange programs for UT Southwestern medical students, residents, and faculty.  

While there have been several individual interactions with Sun Yat-sen University in recent years, this was the first institutional affiliation agreement of such a broad scope with a prominent foreign academic medical center.