Spring Break Photo Album – March 2013

More than 80 medical students performed short-term service projects in Central and South America in March 2013. Students volunteered in rural and urban medical facilities, learned about local health care systems, and participated in community health outreach and patient education projects.

An Lu and Jesse Banales give health chat, Panama
An Lu and Jesse Banales during a charla (chat) about proper nutrition in Panama.
Dr. Ketul Patel shows medical students how to give a patient examination, Ecuador
Ketul Patel, M.D., shows medical students Damien Miran, Alex Quintanilla, CeCe Chang, Sam Parnell, and Julia Chen a positive physical finding in a patient in Galapagos, Ecuador.
Student preparing medication, Ecuador
Shreeya Popat prepares a bag of medications in Galapagos, Ecuador.
Students gather at a health clinic, Panama
Students together in the clinic they set up within a local elementary school in Panama.
Roundworm, Guatemala
An Ascaris lumbricoides worm that a 9-year-old girl coughed up after receiving a dose of albendazole in a clinic in Chocola, Guatemala.
Family chat, Nicaragua
Kelly Davis takes time to talk with families in Rivas, Nicaragua.
Students and local healer, Nicaragua
Students had a special opportunity to visit with a community healer and learn about alternative medicine practices that are common in the village of Rivas, Nicaragua.