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At UT Southwestern, we believe education and awareness are instrumental in developing a culture of inclusion, respect, and unity.

Effective training and education solutions with regards to our commitment to equal opportunity are the center point of the ongoing commitment to keep the University free of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and to promote open communication in a positive environment.

Equal Opportunity training is required during the new employee’s onboarding process as well as a required refresher of all employees every two years. Supplemental training may also be recommended on a case-by-case basis if it is determined by the Office of Institutional Equity & Access that such training would be beneficial in preventing or resolving disputes. Additionally, training can be customized and delivered specifically to departmental needs. 

Training Provided by Equal Opportunity Staff

To request a facilitated training from our staff, please contact OIEA at 214-648-4343 or by Email.

  • OIEA Overview

    This training discusses the role of the Office of Institutional Equity & Access in creating an inclusive workplace, provides information about the institutional policies that the Office oversees, and offers examples of discrimination, bias, harassment, and retaliation.

  • Discrimination and Harassment Prevention

    This training defines all forms of impermissible discrimination prohibited by the University and our institutional and individual responsibilities under UT Southwestern policy, as well as federal and state law. Its objective is to help individuals identify, report, respond to, and avoid/prevent discriminatory conduct. The content of the training can be customized for all members of the UT Southwestern community, regardless of department or a person’s work responsibilities.

  • Biases in the Workplace: Patient Preferences

    Health care settings are not free of bias or discrimination. Some patients engage in conduct or use offensive language concerning a health care staff member’s racial identity, national origin, religion, sex/gender, disability, sexual orientation, and gender expression/identity, and some patients even request reassignment of involved health care staff. This training offers guidance to managers and supervisors on respecting patients’ rights to treatment while supporting staff members who experience or witness incidents of patient bias.

  • Accommodating People with Disabilities

    UT Southwestern provides reasonable accommodations to qualified employees and job applicants with a disability. This training includes a general overview of federal disability laws and UT Southwestern policies related to disability access, along with the rights and responsibilities of staff to ensure equal employment opportunity and full participation for people with disabilities. It covers the following topics:

    • The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and UT Southwestern’s process for determining a “reasonable accommodation”
    • The importance of engaging in the “interactive process” with the OIEA
    • The circumstances under which job accommodations are appropriate and what accommodations would be considered “reasonable”
    • Documentation and confidentiality
  • Gender-Affirming Care

    At UT Southwestern, we must ensure that our patients experience health care with integrity, compassion, and freedom from discrimination. Gender-affirming care for a transgender or gender nonbinary person involves being called the right name, the right pronoun, a chosen name or a chosen pronoun, and treated with respect and compassion. This training will equip staff with the tools they need to offer services to gender-diverse individuals in a safe and gender-affirming way.

  • Service Animals/Emotional Support Animals

    This training covers the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) definition of a service animal, discusses institutional policies regarding service animals and emotional support animals (ESAs), and the guidelines that apply when service animals visit certain buildings on campus or when ESAs live with students.

  • Faith and Religion in the Workplace

    As an institution, UT Southwestern employs individuals of differing religious beliefs and religious practices and provides appropriate reasonable accommodations for the sincerely held religious beliefs of employees. This training discusses acceptable forms of religious expression in the workplace and the types of religious accommodations that can be provided to employees who wish to practice their religious faith during the workday.

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