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At UT Southwestern, we believe education and awareness are instrumental in developing a culture of inclusion, respect, and unity.

Effective training and education solutions with regards to our commitment to equal opportunity are the center point of the ongoing commitment to keep the university free of discrimination, harassment, retaliation and to promote open communication in a positive environment. Equal Opportunity training is required during the new employee’s onboarding process as well as a required refresher of all employees every two years (see Annual Compliance Training). 

Supplemental training may also be recommended on a case-by-case basis if it is determined by the Office of Institutional Equity & Access that such training would be beneficial in preventing or resolving disputes. Additionally, training can be customized and delivered specifically to departmental needs. 

A few of the training courses provided include:  

  • Equal Opportunity Principles for Supervisors
    Covers various forms of discrimination (including racial, gender-related, age, religious), prevention tactics and acceptable methods of response from the supervisor’s perspective

Recommended Online Trainings Include:

To request a facilitated training from our staff, please contact OIEA at 214-648-4343 or by e-mail at An OIEA team member will be in contact with you.