Policies and FAQs

All UT Southwestern employees, faculty, students, trainees, and applicants should carefully review UT Southwestern’s Equal Opportunity policy, and the following related policies for more information. Please note, access to PolicyTech and its links are specific to campus IP addresses.

University Policies

Equal Opportunity Complaint FAQs

This overview is a brief description of how to file a complaint of discrimination, harassment, and/or retaliation at UT Southwestern. For additional information concerning the University policies found in this area, please contact the Office of Institutional Equity & Access.

What is the role of the Division of Equal Opportunity? 
Who is protected from discrimination at UT Southwestern?  
Who may file a complaint? 
What is a hostile work or learning environment? 
What is the difference between a formal and an informal complaint? 
May I file both an informal and a formal complaint? 
When do I need to file a complaint? 
Do I have to file a complaint once I contact the Division of Equal Opportunity?  
Will my complaint be confidential? 
Am I protected from retaliation if I file a complaint? 
May I file an anonymous complaint? 
Can I file a complaint against a student? Against a faculty member? Against a staff member? 
Can the University take action related to incidents that occurred off-campus? 
Following an investigation, will the findings be shared with me? 

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