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Training & Consultation

D&I offers a menu of training to meet the various needs of our employees. These include training that addresses topics such as how to build inclusive team environments, operate with cultural competence, navigate systemic and interpersonal bias, and center equity in leadership roles. We offer training in both, virtual and in-person settings with some being facilitated at a regular cadence and others offered on request. We offer a tiered model for our training and recommend that you participate in the foundational level training as a first step in your D&I learning journey. 

Tier I: Diversity

Diversity for All Staff

Learning Outcomes

  • Define foundational concepts of diversity, equity, and inclusion in healthcare and, become more aware of our own beliefs, attitudes, and emotions.
  • Understand and reflect on our own identities and positionalities and how they affect our workplace interactions.
  • Identify examples of bias and stereotypes in workplace environments and develop a framework for how to respond.
  • Assess and implement tangible strategies to promote an environment founded on principles of inclusion and justice.

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Thriving in a Multigenerational and Multicultural Workplace

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize the demographic shifts in workplace composition and the importance of adaptive strategies. ​
  • Understand why acceptance of cultural and generational differences are critical to building inclusive workplaces.
  • Identify common individual biases and systemic barriers that impede and impact equity in the workplace.
  • Implement meaningful personal & organizational ​strategies to build community.

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Tier II: Inclusion

Building High-Trust Teams

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize why building high-trust teams are essential for healthcare organizations to effectively care for their patients. ​
  • Identify “toxic” and “thriving” elements within work cultures and reflect on how this is impacting your current workplace and team culture.
  • Learn active trust strategies that are effective in building high-trust teams

This training is not offered on Taleo. Request this Training for your department.

Inclusive Hiring/Search Committee Training

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding how inclusive practices can be embedded into each step of the search process.
  • Defining an onboarding to retention plan.
  • Identifying areas of opportunity in committee composition, recruiting, and the interview process.
  • Identifying best practices to mitigate bias in the search process.

This training is not offered on Taleo. It is recommended for groups and departments who are preparing for hiring or recruitment of residents, staff and/or faculty. Request this Training.

Inclusive Team Building Part 1 and Part 2

Learning Outcomes

  • Reflect​ on your own identity and positionality to understand how it informs the way you interact with your team.
  • Identify core components of an inclusive team
  • Learn different types of communication styles, feedback prompts, and environmental cues that you can adopt to support your colleagues.​
  • Identify​ examples of non-inclusive behavior and systemic barriers and outline strategies for responding.

This training is offered once a month and the sessions are typically a week apart. If you are unable to attend Part II, you can register for any of the upcoming Part II sessions. Register for upcoming training dates through Taleo.

Tier III: Equity

Cultural Humility and Allyship

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the impact of operating with cultural humility in healthcare settings
  • Identify practices that can demonstrate allyship
  • Discussing the effects of allyship on workplace dynamics and sense of belonging
  • Understanding the structural challenges and strategies to mitigate barriers.

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Gender Identity and Expression in the Workplace

Learning Outcomes

  • Define relevant terms that are emergent and know why language matters. 
  • Understand why acceptance of gender identity and expression are critical to building inclusive workplaces.
  • Recognize common individual biases and systemic barriers that impede and impact inclusion. 
  • Implement meaningful personal & organizational strategies to build community.

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Wellness and Authenticity in the Workplace

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, identity, intersectionality, and wellness
  • Identify their social location in relation to the dominant culture 
  • Consider the implications of their social location in relation to their access to health and wellbeing resources, their experiences in healthcare systems, and their daily experiences that affect their health and well being
  • Identify tangible wellness goals and unique barriers to meeting their wellness goals
  • Consider helpful strategies worth implementing to help them reach wellness goals and maintain the pursuit of greater wellness in relation to the workplace

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