Community Research Registry

What is the Community Research Registry?

The Community Research Registry is a way for community members to find out about opportunities to participate in health research at UT Southwestern. By joining the registry and giving contact information, community members agree to be notified regarding future research studies. 

Why is the Community Research Registry Important?

Involving community members in health research is important because we need to know how new health technologies work for all people. Many health researchers think that community members are not interested in participating in research. Others have argued that researchers do not work hard enough to let community members know about the opportunity to participate in research and invite them into studies. This issue remains one of the greatest challenges in conducting health research that benefits all people.  

How do I join the Community Research Registry?

All adults age 18 and over are invited to fill out a short survey about health concerns and join the Community Research Registry. To join, please visit Community Surveys or call 214-648-9703.

What if I am contacted about a research study but do not want to participate?

You will not be obligated in any way to participate in any study. You can accept or decline to participate in any research project for which you are contacted. Participation in the Community Research Registry is voluntary.