For Researchers

What is the Community Research Registry?

The Community Research Registry is comprised of more than 9,000 community members who have completed a basic questionnaire asking about health interests and demographics and have agreed to be contacted for participation in research studies. For variables collected in the survey, see Bishop WP, Contemporary Clinical Trials 32(3). For the most part, these individuals have completed the surveys at community events such as VIVA Dallas! or Kwanzaafest. Ages of individuals in the registry range from 18 to 89. Race/ethnicity is: 47.2 percent Hispanic, 9.2 percent Non-Hispanic White, 39.3 percent Non-Hispanic Black, and 4.3 percent other. The registry is governed by IRB protocol #STU 112010-061, which specifies approved procedures for its use.

How would I use the registry for research?

Investigators interested in using the registry will provide basic study information (see “How do I get started?”) and then set up an appointment with the registry staff to develop an effective recruitment plan. As per the IRB protocol, initial contact must come through the registry staff.

What tasks that can be completed by registry staff?

Registry staff will develop database of subset of potentially eligible registry members, based on study-specific criteria, then either:

  • Send study invitation letters or emails for passive recruitment (e.g., individuals are invited to call in if interested), or
  • Follow letters with phone calls inviting participation.

Either way, registry staff will forward contact information for research volunteers to the investigative team for direct contact.

How do I get started?

Ideally, researchers will budget recruitment from the registry into their grant application budgets. If the study has already begun, investigators will need to submit the IRB-approved study protocol and registry staff will help develop a plan and the associated IRB modification to recruit from the registry. Costs for recruitment from the registry will be calculated by registry staff, based on staff time necessary to execute the recruitment plan.

Follow this link to take the Health Topic Survey.