Find a Clinical Trial (FaCT)

The FaCT website aids research participants and investigators at UT Southwestern Medical Center. Participants can easily find trials that are of interest to them by utilizing a more robust search feature. Once they find a clinical trial, all contact information is readily available for the Research Participant Advocate, the IRB, and the research coordinator for the project.

Researchers will find the new FaCT website very helpful with their recruiting process since it requires no action on their part. All fields automatically populate from the Velos and eIRB applications. Once the IRB has approved the study for enrollment, it automatically appears in FaCT.

Recent Releases

Volunteers Needed for Translational Research Evaluating Memory Processes
UT Southwestern researchers are looking for healthy volunteers and individuals diagnosed with depression to complete a series of computerized and paper-and-pencil neurocognitive tests to determine reliability and validity. Participants will complete the tests and return one month later for follow-up testing. Compensation will be provided and there is no cost for the testing. Call 214-648-2820 for more information.