Outside Employment Policy

UT Southwestern Medical Center employees should not be discouraged from accepting outside employment of a consultative or advisory nature, so long as such employment does not adversely affect the amount of time, energy, and attention devoted to UT Southwestern activities, and so long as such employment does not create a conflict of interest. Both UT Southwestern and the individual employee benefit from such interactions by virtue of the employee’s exposure to problems in the non-academic world.

The primary responsibility of UT Southwestern employees, however, is the accomplishment of their UT Southwestern job duties and responsibilities. No UT Southwestern employee may engage in outside employment that:

  • Could impair the employee’s judgment in performing UT Southwestern duties
  • Actually or potentially result in a conflict of interest with or interfere with the employee’s responsibilities to UT Southwestern
  • Might require or induce the employee to disclose confidential information

Special Requirements Related to Faculty Consulting Relationships

Faculty members must not sign consulting agreements (or agreements of any type for outside employment) without prior administrative approval.

To assist and ensure faculty members’ compliance with UT Southwestern and UT System rules and policies, the UT Southwestern Medical Center Uniform Terms and Conditions must be attached to any faculty consulting agreement, and the following language included in the agreement itself: "Attached to this Agreement are the uniform consulting agreement terms and conditions required for approval of this activity by UT Southwestern Medical Center (the “Uniform Terms and Conditions”). The parties agree that the Uniform Terms and Conditions are an integral part of this Agreement, and this Agreement shall have no force or effect unless these Uniform Terms and Conditions are signed by both parties. In the event there is any conflict between this Agreement and the Uniform Terms and Conditions, the Uniform Terms and Conditions shall govern."

All requests for outside employment and activities are now electronic. You may access the form at eResearch. The request form will be automatically routed to the Department Chair or authorized departmental approver. 

For more information, please refer to the HOP policy: EMP-158 Outside Activities (Including Outside Employment or Board Service) or contact the COI office at: conflictofinterest@utsouthwestern.edu.