Submission and Review Process

Proposal Submission Process

  • Contact Bryan Elwood ( or 214-648-8487) to discuss your proposal idea prior to submitting your proposal.
  • Complete the online submission form and submit your proposal.
  • PCOR Center and CTM reviewers evaluate the application and make a funding recommendation (see UTSW Small Project Awards Review Criteria). This process may take several weeks. Reviewers may forward proposals with recommendations for funding or return proposals to investigators with suggested revisions.
  • Proposals recommended for funding will be forwarded to both the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and the National Center for Translational Sciences for approval. This review may take a couple of months.
  • Once a proposal has been recommended for funding, the investigator should submit it for IRB review, if he or she has not already done so. If a proposal is approved for funding, the research study must have IRB approval prior to release of funds.
  • Both AHRQ and NCTS must approve the proposal. If one or the other parent grant agency denies funding, the amount of the award will be reduced.
  • Investigators who receive funding will be expected to present study design and/or results at a UTSW PCOR Center seminar and to our Community Advisory Panel.
  • Investigators must submit an interim progress report at six months after funding and a final progress report at 12 months.

Allowable Budget Expenses

Personnel: Research staff costs (research assistants, coordinators, graduate students, field work, data entry/acquisition, programming, transcriptions, materials, project-related travel, etc).

Patient and Family Stakeholders: Compensation is allowed for participant incentives and local travel expenses.

Project-Related Travel:

  • Local travel required to conduct the research
  • Travel to present research results is allowed and encouraged.
  • Routine travel is allowable at the lowest round-trip fare. Lodging and meal expense is allowable.

Equipment: Applicant should establish that such equipment is not reasonably available elsewhere for the proposed project and is critical to completion of the project.

Non-Allowable Budget Expenses

  • Non-travel-related expenses for food
  • Consumable supplies (e.g., office supplies, photocopiers), unless expenses are directly related and limited to project costs
  • Faculty salaries