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Dallas Mayor Rawlings: Hope for Kidney Cancer Patients

Dallas Mayor Rawlings: Hope for kidney cancer patients

UT Southwestern Kidney Cancer Program, one of two programs recognized by the National Cancer Institute for research excellence, strives to find a cure.

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Iris Hodge

Transforming immunotherapy with Nobel prize-winning research

How fundamental research and clinical trials at UT Southwestern Kidney Cancer Program are transforming patient lives.

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Advanced surgery

State-of-the-art surgery for kidney cancer

Urological surgeons at UTSW Kidney Cancer Program, one of only two programs recognized by the NCI with a Specialized Program of Research Excellence (SPORE) award, discuss advanced surgery options for kidney cancer.

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Brenda Stinson

Safely delaying surgery for kidney cancer

How doctors in the UT Southwestern Kidney Cancer Program are helping patients live safely without surgery.

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Richard and his daughters

Being proactive with clinical trials

How a clinical trial and cutting-edge research helped Richard survive stage IV kidney cancer.

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Filling the void

Fighting stage IV kidney cancer together.

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Elizabeth Martinez

Engaging the immune system

An innovative clinical trial using radiation to enhance the efficacy of immunotherapy.

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UT Southwestern Kidney Cancer Program patient Mel Moffitt describes how he was diagnosed with lung cancer while being treated for kidney cancer

Lung cancer diagnosis while being treated for kidney cancer

Mel describes his diagnosis of lung cancer while being treated for kidney cancer. Lung cancer is often missed and may be found in as many as 6 percent of patients with kidney cancer.

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Dr. Brugarolas speaks to the President's Research Council

President's Research Council presentation

James Brugarolas, M.D., Ph.D., discusses the Kidney Cancer Research Program with UT Southwestern's President’s Research Council.

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Fighting Cancer with My Team video still

Not alone – fighting cancer with my team

Dealing with kidney cancer takes a team of experts. According to educator Sam Swierc, being referred to UT Southwestern was "the best thing that ever happened in my life."

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Closer to a Cure for Kidney Cancer video still

Closer to a cure for kidney cancer

UT Southwestern Simmons Cancer Center partners with The V Foundation in the kidney cancer research program. 

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Tami Cooke's poem for her father video still

My cup of cancer

Tami Cooke's poem for her father.

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Jean's Story video still

How immunotherapy saved my life

Jean shares her experience of learning that her kidney cancer can be treated. 

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Tony's Story

How I learned to live with kidney cancer in both kidneys

Patient Tony Towler talks about his experience undertaking drug treatment for kidney cancer to avoid surgery and dialysis. 

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Roy's Story video still

How I found out I had kidney cancer and my experience with partial nephrectomy

Roy's story of how he accidentally found out he had kidney cancer, and how he is cancer-free after partial nephrectomy.

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Mike's Story video still

All-clear after minimally invasive ablation of my kidney cancer

Mike's experience with radiofrequency ablation for recurrent kidney cancer.

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A Volunteer's Story video still

How meeting other patients with stage IV kidney cancer transformed my journey

Patient advocate Tony Towler and Merlinda discuss an encounter through their cancer journey and volunteer program.

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Annual Event 2015 video still

KCP Annual Event 2015

Kidney Cancer Program Annual Event on August 1, 2015.

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Kidney Cancer Program Inauguration Event 2013 video still

Kidney Cancer Program inaugural event

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings introduces a comprehensive program for kidney cancer patients at UT Southwestern Harold C. Simmons Cancer Center. – December 8, 2013.

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