Research Tracks

More than 40 investigators with their laboratories commit to making a difference in kidney cancer. Below is a list of research areas with corresponding track investigators. 


ResearcherResearch Topic
Dipti Ranganathan Web-based clinical decision tools
Yang Xie, Ph.D. Statistical Genomics and Prediction Modeling
Tae Hyun Hwang, Ph.D. Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Machine Learning, Network Analysis, NGS Analysis


ResearcherResearch Topic
Thomas Carroll, Ph.D. Segmentation and polarity
Peter Igarashi, M.D. Transcriptional regulation of kidney development
Christopher Lu, M.D. Hypoxia and development
Denise Marciano, M.D., Ph.D. Cell-cell interactions
Saikat Mukhopadhyay, M.D., Ph.D. Signaling at the primary cilium and its role in kidney development and disease

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ResearcherResearch Topic
James Brugarolas, M.D., Ph.D. Targeting genetically-acquired vulnerabilities
Richard Bruick, Ph.D. Targeting HIF transcription factors
David Corey, Ph.D. Regulation of transcription, translation, and splicing by nucleic acids
J. Falck, Ph.D. Medicinal chemistry and total synthesis
Kevin Gardner, Ph.D. Exploiting structural vulnerabilities in HIF/coactivator complexes
John MacMillan, Ph.D. Identification of novel bioactive natural compounds
Steven McKnight, Ph.D. Exploiting metabolic vulnerabilities in cancer
Bruce Posner, Ph.D. High-throughput cell-based screens
Joseph Ready, Ph.D. Synthetic chemistry
Patrick Sutphin, M.D., Ph.D. Evaluating VHL dependencies
Uttam Tambar, Ph.D. Natrual product synthesis and medicinal chemistry
Noelle Williams, Ph.D. Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamic biomarkers
Yonghao Yu, Ph.D. Targeting mTORC1

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ResearcherResearch Topic
Bijal Balasubramanian Health care effectiveness and outcomes research
Celette Skinner, Ph.D. Communication interventions to promote health

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ResearcherResearch Topic
William Kraus, Ph.D. Signal-regulated gene expression
Bing Li, Ph.D. Chromatin modification and epigenetic regulation
Cheng-Ming Chiang, Ph.D. Epigenetic control of chromatin-dependent transcription
Jose Rizo-Rey, Ph.D. Structural biology
Hao Zhu, M.D. Nucleosome remodeling and cancer
Hong Zhu, Ph.D. Pharmacogenomics, pharmacogenetics and genetic interactions

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Research TrackResearch Topic
James Amatruda, M.D., Ph.D. Wilms tumor biology
James Brugarolas, M.D., Ph.D. Molecular genetic determinants of aggressiveness and drug resistance
Kenneth Chen, M.D. miRNA biology in Wilms tumor
Tae Hyun Hwang, Ph.D. Bioinformatics, computational biology, machine learning, network analysis, NGS analysis
Payal Kapur, M.D. Morphometric analyses and underlying biology
Ivan Pedrosa, M.D. Molecular genetic determinants of biophysical signals captured by MRI
Dinesh Rakheja, M.D. Wilms tumor biology
Hao Tang, Ph.D. Biomarker discovery and validation, chemoinformatics
Yang Xie, Ph.D. Statistical genomics and prediction modeling
Chao Xing, Ph.D. Statistical genetics and genetic epidemiology 

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ResearcherResearch Topic
James Brugarolas, M.D., Ph.D. Exploiting HIF-dependent metabolic reprogramming
Richard Bruick, Ph.D. Hypoxia signaling and adaptation
Kevin Gardner, Ph.D. Molecular mechanisms of sensing hypoxia and other environmental changes
Christopher Lu, M.D. Hypoxia signal transduction in the mouse
Steven McKnight, Ph.D. Post-translational regulation of HIF
Peter Michaely, Ph.D. HIF regulation by oncogenic events
Wanpen Vongpatanasin, M.D. Molecular mechanisms of TKI-induced hypertension

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ResearcherResearch Topic
Ananth Madhuranthakam, Ph.D. Novel MRI tools for evaluation of renal masses
Ralph Mason, Ph.D. Hypoxia tracers
Ivan Pedrosa, M.D. Novel MRI tools for prognostication and prediction
Xiankai Sun, Ph.D. Multi-modality imaging and quantitative delineation of diseases status under treatment
Qing Yuan, Ph.D. Dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI

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Research TrackResearch Topic
Ira Bernstein, Ph.D. Statistical modeling
Joseph Garcia, Ph.D., M.D. Biomarkers of hypoxia signaling
Payal Kapur, M.D. Discovery and application of prognostic and predictive tissue biomarkers
Nathan Kim, M.D., Ph.D. Molecular determinants of radiation sensitivity and resistance
Vitaly Margulis, M.D. Circulating tumor cells
Dinesh Rakheja, M.D. Metabolites as cancer biomarkers
Yonghao Yu, Ph.D. Circulating biomarkers

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ResearcherResearch Topic
Shawn Burgess, Ph.D. Magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Kevin Courtney, M.D., Ph.D. Tracking tumor metabolism in humans
Ralph Deberardinis, M.D., Ph.D. Abnormal metabolic fluxes in tumors
Zeping Hu, Ph.D. Novel approaches to quantitating metabolism
Craig Malloy, M.D. Real-time metabolic imaging
Peter Michaely, Ph.D. Lipid metabolism and cancer
Ivan Pedrosa, M.D. Imaging metabolism in cancer
Dinesh Rakheja, M.D. Mutation-driven metabolic alterations in tumors
Dean Sherry, Ph.D. Metabolism tracing using stable isotopes in vivo
Patrick Sutphin, M.D., Ph.D. Imaging metabolism in cancer
Jin Ye, Ph.D. Lipid metabolism in cancer

Back to TopmTOR

ResearcherResearch Topic
James Brugarolas, M.D., Ph.D. Regulation and function of mTORC1 and its effector TFEB
Thomas Carroll, Ph.D. mTOR signaling in kidney development
Joseph Hill, M.D., Ph.D. Cell growth control
Peter Michaely, Ph.D. Cytoskeletal regulation of Akt/mTOR signaling
Benjamin Tu, Ph.D. Interplay of cell growth and metabolism in yeast
Yonghao Yu, Ph.D. Cell growth control

Back to TopPediatric Kidney Tumors

ResearcherResearch Topic
James Amatruda, M.D., Ph.D. Wilms tumor biology
Thomas Carroll, Ph.D. Modeling Wilms tumors in the mouse
Kenneth Chen, M.D. Wilms tumor biology
Dinesh Rakheja, M.D. Wilms tumor biology
Jonathan Wickiser, M.D. Targeting pediatric renal tumors

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ResearcherResearch Topic
Ira Bernstein, Ph.D. Statistical modeling
Xian-Jin Xie, Ph.D. Research design, statistical modeling and analysis
Chao Xing, Ph.D. Statistical genetics and genetic epidemiology
Song Zhang, Ph.D. Adaptive clinical trial designs
Hong Zhu, Ph.D. Clinical trials, bioinformatics and statistical genetics

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ResearcherResearch Topic
Nathan Kim, M.D., Ph.D. Cell-autonomous radiation effects
Raquibul Hannan, M.D., Ph.D. Radiation immunobiology

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ResearcherResearch Topic
John Abrams, Ph.D. Apoptosis in model organisms
Rolf Brekken, Ph.D. Tumor angiogenesis
Joseph Garcia, Ph.D., M.D. Hypoxia signaling and adaptation
Jer-Tsong Hsieh, Ph.D. Nanomedicine
Lily Huang, Ph.D. Cytokine signaling
Khuloud Jaqaman, Ph.D. Cell surface receptor organization and signaling in angiogenesis
Nick Grishin, Ph.D. Protein modeling
Joshua Mendell, M.D., Ph.D. MicroRNAs in cancer
Saikat Mukhopadhyay, M.D., Ph.D. Signaling at the primary cilium and its role in kidney development and disease
Peter Michaely, Ph.D. Cytoskeletal control of ERK/Akt signaling
Yihong Wan, Ph.D. Metastatic bone niche
Qing Zhong, M.D., Ph.D. Autophagy regulated ciliogenesis

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ResearcherResearch Topic
Jeffrey Cadeddu, M.D. Robotic surgery and ablative techniques
Vitaly Margulis, M.D. Robotic surgery and ablative techniques
Ivan Pedrosa, M.D. Spectral and novel anatomic and functional imaging
Arthur Sagalowsky, M.D. Advanced surgical techniques